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Gift - Bday for mah SISTA by MarionetteDolly Gift - Bday for mah SISTA by MarionetteDolly
It was my sister's birthday last month! So I drew her this doodle of us, because I forever fear chocolate ice cream because of her. She wrote the story of my SUFFERING on her facebook to go along with my drawing.

So the story goes; I was 7 Steph was 4, mom takes us out for ice cream. Steph's inner fat kid comes out and it was RIP chocolate ice cream. Steph looks like she has chocolate war paint on her face so me being the great older sister that I am gives her a hand with the clean up process, only problem is there is a little spot of chocolate that doesn't want to come off. So what does awesome big sister do? Determined to make that chocolate stain my bitch, I get out a scotch pad.....well, after blood, sweat and tears we determined it was a birth mark. :/ whoops, love you Jep Jep - Mel

That's literal blood by the way. Thats sisterly love right there.
KahlanAmnell123 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Thats sweet, its nice you have such a close relationship. My sister and I used to be closed but because she's 7 in a half years older, by the time I reach her age she has already matured...:(
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