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May 24, 2012
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AoV - Kifel Dorm Master by MarionetteDolly AoV - Kifel Dorm Master by MarionetteDolly
Will be updated frequently.

Name: Ida Rosalind // Remiel
Nicknames: Little Bird, Spatzi. // Prick, jerk, raging a**hat.
Age: 22//??
Height: 5'6"// 32"
Weight: 110 // 2.75 lbs
Haircolor: Blonde and a light, mossy green. // .....He's a sword.
Eyecolor: Blue most of the time. // Red
Build: Waif. // Surprisingly lightweight with a 5" balance, weighted crystal pommel and perfect blood groove.

Theme Song:: [link] // [link]

Complexion: Sickly // Steel

Appearance Facts: Often times looks as if she just rolled out of bed, or didn't bother to look in the mirror before coming to work. Her hair is half-heartedly put up (often times barely up in her band at all) and hangs in wild clumps.

Remiel tends to look like a sword. Its kind of his thing.

Personality: Those at the academy would easily say miss Rosalind doesn't seem to quite 'fit in'. Her personality, when not totally loopy, is gentle and sweet. Soft spoken, Ida has trouble really commanding authority in her class if it gets out of hand - which tends to get her in trouble. The teacher often comes off as a pushover. She has a noticeable stutter.

Remiel is curt, crude, and isn't afraid to say exactly what he feels about any person or situation. He can be venomous, but blunt in his honesty. Very no-nonsense.

History: When questioned on their history, Ida's mind tends to trail elsewhere and she can become easily distracted by anything other than the conversation topic. Remiel on the other hand will clearly say it is no business of yours and leaves it at that. The rumors say the pair merely showed up one day requesting work. By the state of her clothing it was clear she had traveled a long distance on foot to get to the Academy.

Likes: Hot Chocolate, Tomato Soup, Baking, Stained Glass, Gadgets, The Moon, Building, Birds, and Clocks. // Eating (?), belittling disrespectful students.
Dislikes: Noise, Isolation, the Dark, Aggressive Personalities. // Sheathes.

Random Fun Facts
*She often speaks about butterflies or nonsensical creatures that aren't there.
*She enjoys cleaning. Well..maybe not enjoy, but she gets into modes where she does it with fervor.
*Ida is fascinated by textures. It is not unusual to spot her touching the wood panels or wallpaper around the academy.
*Ida has a slight accent in her speech, and occasional slips of tongue suggest she is of German origin.

Affiliations thus far:

*Headmaster K:: The Swan. He's rather nice..gave us a place to stay. I hope not to disappoint him.. // Gay.
*Ealfric: The Whip-poor-will. He didn't seem to care too much for me. // Crusty.
*Page:The Duckling. Don't leap off the branch before you've learned to fly, little bird.// Squeaky.
*Noble: The Osprey. He has an intensity that commands fear, attention, and respect. I think I made a poor impression, however. // Adequate.
*Mr. Hyde: The Red-Tailed Hawk. He's more like a bear, though..// Oaf.
*Ishkander: The Crane. He is easy to talk to and I do enjoy his company. // Oaf.
*Lucifer:The ____. He doesn't care for my presence much. // Hmm.
*Iksian: The Crow. ...He certainly doesn't think much about personal space. // BRO.
*Shea:The Kiwi. Oh..He's adorable. His friend though, ..// Pathetic.
*Ada: The ____. He could stand to be more kind to his friend. // Uppity.
*Theodore:The Owl. I thhink he's rather nice, though I tend to try his patience..not intentionally. // Caffeine Junkie.
*Hewitt Faust:The ___. I don't thhink I made a very good first impression, but I rather like talking to him. // NEERRRRD
*Oswin!: The most adorable owl ever. I will owl-sit him any time. ;u; // Retard.
*Morose:The ____. Mmmy second friend at the academy, I thhink. He even gave me new clothing...;__; // Fop. Fop. FOP.

ooc Disclaimer:

This class is listed as Hard for a reason.

Their classes promise to be a pain in the butt. Both ICly and OOCly assignment wise, so be prepared to -work- if you sign up! I would not suggest joining if you are the easily offended type. Thick skin is a must! This is not to say I'm being a jerk for the sake of it - but I will grade honestly. I am here to help you all improve!

Basic understanding of digital coloring is a must!

Other than that, look forward to playing with all of you! =D

....Also keep in mind if you cry, your tears keep me young. +_+
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Nebular-dragon Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Metalos: * he had enough of the school not being open with what it was doing, he could handell headmaster K not being around all the time, but the destruction of the room the murder of Meiko, he was now out for answers he finds Ida and walks over to her, in his normal deep voice* Ida dorm master of Kifel i must speak with you..
MarionetteDolly Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
The dorm master flinched in surprise and turned around when Metalos approached her, holding her hands together close to herself. She looked messy, as usual, with her hair unkempt and everywhere, and her clothing wrinkled.
" Wh-- yes? Wh-what can I help you wwwwith?"
Nebular-dragon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Metalos: *had forgotten his manners so he bowed* sorry, my name is Metalos, i would like to ask you some questions about...the weird thing that have been going on at the school.
MarionetteDolly Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
..She frowned, but reluctantly obliged with a nod of her head. " Whhat questions did you hhh-have, Metalos?"
Nebular-dragon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Metalos: what do you know about everything? the vandalism of the books and room? the murder of Meiko? Headmaster K not being around? *his voice hardened* what is going on? its all connected in some way is it not?
MarionetteDolly Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
"I knnow the sssame as you know I'd assume." She wrung her hands together anxiously. " As was sss-said, Headmaster K is in the the Netherlands studying d-dragons. I'm nnnot sure if anyone knows anything about the b-books yet, or Meiko. I hh-hardly knew the girl mmmyself."
Nebular-dragon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Metalos: *at least one question was answered he completely forgot about the dragons, some of his friend were over there doing the same thing as headmaster K* ok then what about the destroyed room? i know you know something. what happened?
MarionetteDolly Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
She raised a brow at Metalos, but obliged an answer again. " Mmmmechanical failure. I was www....working on something and it became unsteady is a-all. Thats how I got tthhhis injury on my arm."
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Nebular-dragon Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Fear: *he comes walking through Ida's door not knocking just phasing through it.* ummm.......hi.....dorm master......can...I ask you....something?
MarionetteDolly Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Ida her desk. Her forehead firmly planted on top of a pile of papers. The hanging pieces of glass that dangled from the ceiling painted the room in lovely warm colors..they clinked slightly against each other when Fear entered.

She said nothing. Was the Dorm Master asleep?
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